Aquastripe IS : Water borne Acrylic Road marking Paint

Automark    21-Feb-2022
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Autoamrk IS
  • Aquastripe IS is a Single pack, High solid, fast-drying, durable, Waterborne Acrylic Road marking Paint for application by cold paint spray machine, brush, or roller.
  • It can be used on bitumen, concrete, chipseal, and over the previous coating.
  • Aquastripe IS is fast drying and quickly dries to a no-track condition in less than ten minutes.
  • AQUASTRIPE IS is environmentally friendly and requires no organic solvents.
  • Aquastripe IS conforms to the IS 164-1981 specifications.
  • Available in White, Yellow, and Black. We can manufacture other colors on request.
  • Technical Data Sheets and MSDS are available on request.

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