Automark    22-Feb-2022
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           Truck fitted with Preheater.
  •  Truck for shifting fully automatic applicator, small push type applicators and all other required accessories related  to applicators and traffic control devices.
  •  Accessories required while applying hot thermoplastic road marking material as per MORT&H specifications and traffic regulations :

A. Engine driven power duster for removing dust from pot holes.
B. Air Blower.
C. Industrial LPG cylinders.
D. Extra screeds of 10, 15, 20, 30cm.
E. Extra Glass Beads dispenser.
F. Traffic cones with reflective bands.
G. Fluorescent reflective jackets and caps for the staff while executing the marking job on roads.
H. Aluminum templates for arrows.
I. Go Meter for measuring the marked lines.
J. Model MX7 Digital Reflectometer for measuring reflectivity.
K. No-Contact digital temperature meter.
L. Premarking string, measuring tapes, engineering calculators and first aid box.